Radio Silence

It has been quiet around here for awhile as I took some time to tune back into the right channel.

Somewhere along the way the connection got fuzzy. I wanted to take the time to recenter, and gain clarity before sharing more of Aiyana with all of you.

Aiyana began unknowingly during a time when things felt out of control. Little did I know she would be born as a result of what felt like such chaos at the time. Aiyana began as a Wellness Brand with emphasis on Intentional living, Neuroplasticity, and the Anishnawbe Traditional Teachings that helped me find my way during a time of uncertainty.

My academic background in both Psychology and Biological Neuroscience combined with my more spiritual experiences have always been my driving forces behind Aiyana. Where spirit meets science. Each piece of jewelry created is a complimentary tool representative of their meaning, their power, and the energies they embody.

Aiyana inevitably became an extension of myself, and as I evolved and grew so did she. Somewhere along the way I got lost in the business side of things as Aiyana expanded. It began to feel as if I was robbing a child of her own childhood, ripening her for adulthood, and stripping away the fun and very essence of how Aiyana began. In a mindful state, connected to something greater outside of myself. I became more focused on the analytics, quarterly goals, deadlines, budgets, operations, sales and marketing and so much more.

I thought because I loved Aiyana so much I would continue to be filled up. I continued to push myself, falling into old ways. Working 7 days a week, 17-18 hours a day, never turning off. Thankfully my two best friends Kobe and Kaia (my dogs) would force me outside, otherwise I probably would have never taken a break. I knew better than to fall into this trap. But the demands continued, and as many small business owners know you wear a lot of hats especially in the early stages, and I thought I had it all under control. Delegating is not my strongest suit, but was something I was willing to explore. I hired help and am also blessed to have family and friends to offer their time and assistance. Even with the available support, I still did not slow down or stop, I pushed forward, stretching far beyond my boundaries. As a result I began to feel tired and burnt out.

I realized that while I was busy day to day, somewhere along the way I disconnected from what I loved most about Aiyana. In addition I began to feel push and pulled by third party companies. The emphasis became more focused on the product, and less on what Aiyana has always stood for and represented. I decided to cut the chords and any associated loss's so that I could create space to connect back with the very thing I built. 

I took some time over the last couple of month's to take a step back in order to gain a broader perspective. As I did, I circled back to my why. I realized my why has, and will always be you! To be of service, to help share what I have learned, to empower you, and provide you with additional tools to help guide you no matter what life presents.

That’s what each piece is! Yes they are stones and jewelry intended to wear, but most importantly they are imbued with the essence of your own intention and desire of what you can see in your minds eye, and feel in your heart. A reminder to honour that daily as you wear it.

Over the last couple of month's I spent time doing things that I love. Things I haven't created space for in awhile, including cooking meals I have never tried. I even made Beef Patties from scratch which were delicious. I took out the paints, the pencil crayons, and old favourite books. I read, watched old movies, explored lots of writing styles and played. I spent some alone time at a cottage up north. And I rested more than I have in a long time. Initially I was worried, as I seemed to always be tired. I surrendered to the exhaustion and honoured what my body needed, and put work in a temporary closed box in my mind. I didn't realize how worn down I had become until I actually stopped. I gave myself permission to sleep in, and to even take a nap, which I have never allowed myself to do and it felt great. I consciously had to talk myself out of responding to emails on a Saturday at 9pm. I learned to say no to things I didn't feel in my heart. I placed boundaries between work and my personal life. I stopped bringing my laptop to my family's house for weekly visits. Eventually, I began to feel inspired, refreshed, and many new exciting ideas were birthed as a result.

I consciously decided going forward there will be less force and more flow. Less control and more trust. Less logic and more heart centre. Less of how Aiyana appears, and more transparency on the process. Less overworking and more balance. 

Each piece of jewelry is mindfully made, and I will hold myself accountable to ensure Aiyana continues to operate that way, and it will continue to be felt with each and every piece made.

I will be sharing more in reference to the above topics, as they are how Aiyana came to be and are the core of Aiyana’s values and philosophy. I also feel given the current global climate we could all use a few more tools to help us self nurture and make our well-being a priority. If there’s anything that you would like to know more about or share please leave a comment below or send us an email.

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