Love is the Gift from The Eagle

Teaching of the Eagle- First Nations Seven Teachings

All the teachings have played such a vital role in my own personal healing journey, however I must say the teaching of the Eagle is definitely one close to my heart. There was a time I felt more lost than I ever had, when my spirit felt broken, and I no longer knew who I was. Throughout this time, I thankfully was connected with Colin Mosseau; a dear friend and a chosen family member, as well as the Anishnawbe community. One day Colin conducted a Ceremony I will never forget; My naming ceremony. It was in this ceremony I was given my name: Geeshebaa Kinew meaning Circling Golden Eagle. Over the years to come connecting with the spirit of the Eagle and it’s many teachings helped guide me back to not only reconnecting with my true self, but reminding me of the importance of unconditional love for myself and others. It wasn’t until my healing journey began that I realized how much I didn’t love my-self, how low my own self worth had become, and how unlovable I felt. The eagle has so much to teach us, as I am still learning more everyday, but I am so grateful for how much it has taught me so far.

It can’t be denied that Love is a force that is undeniable. It is a natural force of nature more powerful than anything else. It can not be measured, yet it completely transforms you. At the end of the day every living thing wants to feel. However as much as we want it, we can not demand it, command it or take it away. It is everyone’s right to have and experience love, yet so many people are only able to feel love based on conditions. To know and feel true love is to know the creator. Because man is fully incapable of understanding the creator, he gave us a way to experience him through Love. However, in order to truly love someone or something, we must love ourselves unconditionally the way creator created us so that we may experience unconditional love for others.

Eagle flying High in the Sky- Aiyana Jewelry

 The Eagle was chosen by the Great Spirit to represent this teaching, as the Eagle can reach the highest in the skies out of all the creatures and birds in the sky. Only the eagle has the ability and strength to fly higher than any other animal, therefore placing it closer to the creator and the heavens than all others.  Our true selves are made of Creator, therefore made of pure unconditional love. And as previously mentioned to know love is knowing how to love oneself wholly and fully in the eyes of Creator.

The Eagle is also known to bring a pure vision to the seeker with its superior sight. In terms of the medicine wheel, love is the hub. The eagle is most often shown in the yellow section and represents the Eagle’s vision, power and ability to see the bigger picture of the world rising above the material to see the spiritual.  

The graceful eagle also serves as a messenger for prayers and messages to and from the Creator as the Eagle can reach creator. The Eagle returns with gifts and visions.

Eagle Feather- Aiyana Jewelry

To receive an Eagle feather is the highest honour that can be awarded in the Indigenous Culture and considered very sacred. They are honoured and shown the deepest respect.

There is so much more that the Eagle teaches us. Perhaps you can connect with the Spirit of the Eagle and see what it has to teach you. 




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Thank you Brittney for sharing your knowledge and wisdom about Eagle. It is powerful and meaningful 🙏.

Kassandra May 08, 2020

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