Brittney, the founder of Aiyana began making bracelets from her medical bed as she was fighting for her life after battling an aggressive life-threatening illness for 6 years. After losing everything and experiencing several near-death experiences Brittney was beginning to transition to the spirit world as her body began to shut down after a long fight, that is until a traditional healer and medicine man was guided to Brittney.

Brittney began working with him once a month when he flew in from Manitoba as she could no longer walk or leave her bed. It was through traditional doctoring, traditional plant medicine, guidance, and ceremony Brittney began to come back to life despite her medical team’s prognosis. Brittney began to make subtle improvements by eventually being able to lift her head, to beginning to be able to hold objects, to eventually relearning how to walk, and eventually no longer needing oxygen and assistive devices.

As Brittney deepened her understanding and focused on her recovery a friend began bringing Brittney string to make bracelets from her bed if and when she had energy. She began making bracelets for her nurses, PSWS, caregivers, family, and friends unknowing it would eventually be something she would be called to. Brittney continued to improve as she deepened her knowledge through experience of practicing the teachings and working with the medicines which in turn gave her the strength, later on, to begin attending sweat lodge, shake tents, a naming ceremony, full moon ceremony, and traditional healing for complex trauma. Brittney also began working with neuroscientists and incorporated mindful based practices as she was still trapped in her body in many ways. She utilized her mind every minute of the day to promote healing within herself. She worked 24 hours a day on visualizing, meditating, and using neuroscience-based therapeutic approaches for neurodegenerative diseases to help train her mind and body to be healthy and well again. As Brittney continued to heal and recover over the years, she continued making bracelets for friends and family. Still unable to work and hold a steady job due to the ups and downs of rehabilitation and recovery she brought AIYANA to life as she saw how combining the practices and teachings she had embraced for her own healing were also making a difference in other peoples lives around her no matter what they were faced with.

Brittney is now thriving and lives a very full and happy life. She brought herself back from death's door, cured herself of an incurable illness and made a full recovery. It is her belief that she was able to do so through the guidance of the teachings, ceremony, mindfulness, plant medicine, faith and inability to give up despite the odds against her. It is Brittney’s hope that her creations help inspire others to find their way no matter what life presents.