Aiyana x Providence Healthcare Foundation Partnership

Aiyana has partnered with Providence Healthcare Foundation in support of their amazing ‘Strength & Resiliency’ Campaign.  The hope is to inspire patients and others to find the strength within themselves to overcome challenges life may bring. Providence and Aiyana believe Strength is ageless, limitless, genderless, mental, emotional and spiritual just as much as it is physical. STRENGTH is our ability to be vulnerable, to bounce back from adversity, to have the courage to ask for help, is taking the first step after an accident, cooking for family after a stroke, having the power to overcome our internal saboteurs that tell you you can’t, and it’s impossible!
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Pictured left to right: Brittney Cassidy, Founder - Aiyana Jewelry, Paula Kerr- Providence Healthcare Foundation. Jennifer Stewart, President & CEO- Providence Healthcare Foundation, Adena Goldberg, Manager, Marketing & Communications-Providence Healthcare Foundation.

Providence & Aiyana have partnered to sell Strength bracelets with all proceeds benefiting Providence.
Strength is in all of us.

THIS IS A GIFT OF STRENGTH This bracelet was designed in honour of the strong patients at Providence. Whenever you wear it, know that it’s more than just an ordinary bracelet. Wear this on days when you need a little extra strength. And when you see someone who needs it, wear it forward. Share your strength with them. Strength is. Our patients. Strength is. Our supporters. Strength is. Providence.

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