Intentions and Intention setting were misunderstood and even viewed as a uncalculated pseudo-positive way of thinking for a very long time. Yet science is now showing that Intention setting and Intentional living have the potential to change our beliefs, habits, behaviours, and even the structure of our brains and biology of our bodies.
There are many studies now showing that we can actively choose and change our motivating drive and desires. Neuroplasticity is scientifically showing us that there is a direct connection between the body and the mind, meaning we have the capability to change our human biology through Intention setting. The body responds to what we think and feel. If we set positive intentions every cell within our body will respond in alignment with the intention that was set. Through repetition of setting self-optimizing intentions, the more likely our brain will respond and reorganize itself accordingly.
The power of intention truly is profound. It has been shown to significantly reduce stress levels, promote self-healing, increase confidence and self-esteem, relieve chronic diseases, heal past emotional wounds, and help create your desired life. Through setting daily intentions we have the ability to have more control over our brain, our bodies and ultimately how we show up in the world.
May our Intention pieces assist you in reshaping your minds and creating the life you desire.