We are currently living in a very fast paced world which is constantly demanding more than we can continue to give if we want to sustain ourselves. Majority of people feel weighed down with responsibilities and have developed chronic stress issues as a result. As a result, we have become more disconnected from ourselves, each other and everything around us than ever before. Our focus and energy seem to be mainly directed on everything outside of us, leaving us feeling disconnected, feeling unfulfilled maybe even unwell.
        Meditation is much more than attempting to control your thoughts and breath. Meditation is a form of mindfulness intended to help create space to allow oneself to reconnect with yourself, to not allow your thoughts and outside circumstances rule you, and most importantly to reconnect with your inner true self. Your body has its own inner intelligence system that knows what to do without control or force, yet we often override the brilliance of our own consciousness. Our body, mind, and heart are always sending us messages and guiding us. It is just a matter of stopping, being open and listening.  Perhaps if you’re able to listen long enough you will begin to hear your soul speak.