“I just want to express my gratitude of how grateful I am for my anxiety bracelet. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for quite a while now. I explored numerous different options and was very unsuccessful. I met Brittney at the terra market and instantly felt a connection. I was very drawn to the anxiety crystal bracelet. Since wearing it now I feel very grounded and relaxed. My anxiety is no longer out of control and I am now able to enjoy my day to day activities without being so anxious. Haven’t taken it off!!! Thanks again”
“Each piece is designed for a specific intention and are so unique and beautiful. Every time I wear these items I always feel so grounded and receive many compliments.”
“Absolutely amazing to deal with and her pieces are beautiful, well done and very good quality.”
“I am sorry as I forget your name, it was not on the card and I cannot remember. But I remember your face and our interaction clearly!
I just want to let you know, that your bracelets have been a big part of my healing journey. I have Hope and Serenity. I wear them when I feel I need comfort, help, or solace.
Sometimes I am afraid to leave the house, and then I put on the bracelet(s) and can feel comforted leaving.
I have been wanting to move to Arizona for 2-3 years. Finally making that dream happen. They move me and ignite me.
Thank you so much.”
“The bracelets are better than brilliant making we calm when I need help feeling like myself again. They are also very helpful in meditation. I was even able to stop taking pills. Thank you!”
- Yuna, Vancouver BC
“I stumbled upon Brittney’s bracelets at a pivotal point of surrender in my healing journey. I was looking for divine assurance.. her pieces were exactly that."
"Thread with love, I could feel the intention and prayer that went into them. It brought great comfort and strength while wearing them. Even my 3-year-old daughter asks to wear them - no prompting- on emotionally difficult days."
"I gave a set to a friend who struggles with seizures and she shared with me that wearing them relaxes her and she’s experiencing far less episodes."
"What a testament to the grace and anointing on Brittney’s work."
- Kailey Veenstra