Aboriginal Elders and their ancestors have known that there is an energy, a spirit that works through everyone and every living thing including the water, the trees, and the animals. This same energy and spirit are within each and every individual. The holistic approach to Traditional healing is an understanding of this interconnectedness. Ceremony and traditional healing encourage a balance between your spirit, mind, and body that go with your emotions through Creator and sacred conceptions.
Traditional Ceremonies have been around long before the world we now know existed. These ceremonies and traditions were once banned by the government and stripped away from the people, yet the meaning and reverence of these sacred ceremonies withstood tragedy and continue to be practiced all around the world. These ceremonies and traditional way of healing have brought great healing to many people of all nations.
There are many different kinds of ceremonies all of which involve different traditions and ways among First Nations. A common ground all ceremonies share is the connection to Spirit and tobacco is also always given as an offering. Tobacco not only holds your prayers, but it leads the way. In order to ask for something, you must give back to keep that balance. Putting tobacco down or giving it as an offering allows our spirit to make that connection. There are also often plant medicines involved, chanting, drumming, rattles, sage, counselling, guidance, pipes, and singing.
Different traditional ceremonies are used for many different things including physical illness, mental, emotional and spiritual dis-eases. As previously mentioned, all things are connected including your mind, body, spirit, and emotions. When one of them is out of balance, it affects the others. Because physical and spiritual health is intimately connected, the body and spirit must heal together. Traditional ceremony restores the balance between all four parts of your being.
Many Aboriginal people are seeking emotional, mental and spiritual healing for past abuses, trauma and pain they have been carrying as a result of what their families and generations before them endured. We are not able to change what happened, but through our own knowledge, awareness, and healing we can help recover and restore balance.
All Aiyana pieces are brought into Traditional Ceremony to help promote guidance and self-healing with each and every wearer.