Made with the Intention to help you consciously manifest your deepest desires to help you feel empowered and create a life you love. This necklace is made to help you become clear in your vision, what you wish to experience, where you wish to go, what you choose to feel, and ultimately what you want to bring into your life. Once you become clear you must set an Intention to allow your vision to become imprinted in your mind. Once your Intention has been set the necklace is intended to help you harness the emotional charge of your vision and Intentions so that your emotions are in alignment with you vision. This necklace is meant to remind you that there is a time to take action towards your goals and visions and there is a time to surrender and trust and let the universe help re-orgainze so that it can help you bring everything you wish for into reality. May this necklace help remind you that what you envision in your minds eye and feel within your heart will become your reality. Handknotted with Charcoal Grey Silk Thread , Fresh Water Pearls and Black Kyanite Stone handwrapped with Copper wire.

In Native Tradition stones and crystals are referred to as the ‘Grandfathers.’ Just like our grandfathers and ancestors before us, the stones have been around for many, many generations carrying their own unique wisdom and energy as some have been around since the glacier era. It is said through passed down stories, that the Grandfathers (stones) were there at the campfire with our ancestors keeping watch. Throughout hundreds of years of traditions, the Grandfathers have been used in many Traditional healing ceremonies to bring balance, healing, and protection.
All of our Grandfather Stones are AAA+ Premium quality and are locally and ethically sourced and handpicked.

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