Made with the Intention to help remind you that you that in a lot of cases series of events that take place are often more than 'meaningful coincidences.' Certain events in our lives often have a relationship with one another, and it is not until we can look back we are able to see the meaningful relationship between the events that led you to where you are. Synchronicity's can manifest in many different ways and forms; numbers, names, animals, people that show up in your life, unexpected events, events, and circumstances. May this piece help remind you to be open to the many varying synchronicity's that unfold throughout your journey as they are there to help guide you on your path. It is often when we least expect it, something that may not even make sense in the moment will show up. Made with 925. Sterling Silver faceted High Cut Tear Drop Labradorite Stone. Chain is 22 inches long.

In Native Tradition stones and crystals are referred to as the ‘Grandfathers.’ Just like our grandfathers and ancestors before us, the stones have been around for many, many generations carrying their own unique wisdom and energy as some have been around since the glacier era. It is said through passed down stories, that the Grandfathers (stones) were there at the campfire with our ancestors keeping watch. Throughout hundreds of years of traditions, the Grandfathers have been used in many Traditional healing ceremonies to bring balance, healing, and protection.
All of our Grandfather Stones are AAA+ Premium quality and are locally and ethically sourced and handpicked.

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